Ayurvedic Sex Specialist

Dr. SS MomiMomi Hospital consultation is aimed at helping couples improve their married life, and sexual relationships. We ensure to provide the best possible solution to our patients who discuss their sex problems or relationship on a whole. Couples can be rest assured that their identity won’t be disclosed whatsoever and hence they can ask whatever doubts they have about their sexual performance without any hesitation, shyness or awkward feeling, which might exist while discussing the same sitting before a doctor a sex expert.


About Dr. SS Momi (Sex Specialist)

Dr SS Momi is the one of qualified sex specialist in india . Dr. Momi is highly qualified and experienced ayurvedic sex specialist doctor specialized in diagnosis & treatment of various male & female sex problems.

How we are different from other sex specialists

and why to choose Our Treatment:

Different persons with different mental level, may have same sex complaint / problem but with a different cause and different solution / treatment So, We gives a close hearing to every patient, from the very beginning of history taking till the patient is cured and does not leave any matter related to patient, to any of his assistant doctors.  Most of the fresh cases are cured by him with counseling alone, while chronic cases need Medicinal Treatment. He never try to make the already depressed patient more depressed only to squeeze their pocket, as do the most of the so called sex specialists. 

Special Note : We provide 100 % Pure Ayurvdeic Medicines for Sex problems .