Treatment For Nocturnal Emissions

Dr. SS MomiCauses Involuntary discharge of semen during sleep or nocturnal emission is one of the favourite diseases which the quarks in our country make much of a little excitement because of pornographic reading or seeing a motion picture heavily seasoned with exciting seenes-as most indian movies are - may lead to night emission in a young man and if he is not properly educated about sex, he may be misguided into believing that it is a serious disorder . the belief is based on the traditional religious teaching in our country that its loss is a disabling factor. semen is, in fact, the fluid produced by the testicles and its emission during intercourse or in an involuentry discharge during sleep is not much of a tragedy as the quacks would have us believe.

Those who are irked by the disorder should not lose heart but take to clean, healthy living. thoughts of sex should be avoided. they should not eat rich food in the mistaken belief that they must restore the energy lost through the loss of the seminal fluid. rich food would merely give them a feeling of heaviness which will do nio good. on the other hand, it is likely to disturb the digestive processes. the food should be simple and should consist of fruits, vegetables and a little of condiments. dinner should be eaten three hours before sleep.

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