Treatment For Venereal Diseases

Dr. SS MomiVenereal diseses- those communicated through sexual intercourse- are extremely dangerous since sex and its open discussion being taboo in most indian homes, those suffering from them are apt to hide them. It leads to their spreading on the one hand and the risk of their becoming chronic because of the desire of the pateint to keep them secret. That is how are they described in our country- gupta ro ga or posheeda beemnariyan. There being little attention paid to sex education, most people are ignorant of the functioning of the reproductive system beyond a hazy idea that the reproductive organs are a source of pleasure. And it is this state of affairs which has proved to be gold mine for the quacks who specialise or so they claim, in treating venereal diseases. Millions of rupees are spent on advertisement of remedies to deal with minor ailments like night emissions and phosphaturia. The ignorance of the common man on the subject of sex has proved a boon to the unscrupulous and ignorant quacks. They blazon forth the dangers to health from night emissions and the presence of phosphates in the urine, which is a purely digestive disorder. All systems of medicine except homoepathy and naturopathy are geared to the suppression of the veneral diseases through the use of harmful drugs which, besides killing the germs that are supposed to cause them, injure the system in devious ways. Naturopaths come across, in the course of trheir practice, myriads of cases which have been complicated by the administration of suppressive drugs.
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